Georgeham School is a village Church of England (VC) Primary School, serving the villages of Georgeham and Croyde, in North Devon, UK. It has just over 100 children who are taught in four classes. The school provides a friendly, caring environment and insists on high standards of behaviour, which in turn helps to maintain high standards of work.

Children are encouraged with values of kindness and friendship and to take pride in their work, telling the school that they enjoy having a growth mindset.

The school seeks to include the latest educational innovations as well as traditions like Broom Dancing and Maypole Dancing, which are performed regularly each summer.

The main building was built in 1868 and there are two annex classrooms with a third housing the school playgroup, ‘Stepping Stones’. Developments over the years have seen a new kitchen and two class rooms completely rebuilt, the school field landscaped. The school also moved into the School (Master’s) House in 2010 which now provides further teaching and meeting spaces.

Head Teacher: Mr J. Thomas

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