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Croyde Skate Park


Croyde skatepark was established 15 years ago on a car parking area behind the village hall as part of the youth club operated at the time by the village hall committee. The initial wooden ramps were replaced with concrete in 2008. The park is popular with young (and not so young) people from Georgeham and Braunton and also with holiday visitors in the summer.


In 2020 the Parish Council took responsibility for the skatepark and its ongoing management and maintenance. An annual safety check is carried out along with regular cleaning.


Improvements to the skatepark are in hand to erect an 8ft fence around the skating area. This will tidy up the area and reduce the sound disturbance into the neighbouring garage.


The skatepark is open from 8am to 9pm. In winter floodlights are in use from dusk until 9pm.

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