Meeting to discuss Croyde Skateboard Park

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Notes of an informal meeting of Georgeham Parish Council on Monday, 4 May

2020 held by Zoom at 6pm.

The meeting had been called to discuss Croyde Skateboard Park.


Councillors Mrs Barker (District), Beaumont, Gething, Taffinder, Tucker, Williams.

Notes taken by Mrs S Squire, Parish Clerk.

  • The skateboard park is situated on land owned by Croyde Village Hall Trustees.

  • Croyde Village Hall insures the land and the skateboard park.

  • Two members of Croyde Village Hall Committee have access to the CCTV which is owned and operated by the Village Hall Committee.

  • Councillor Tucker gave the historic details going back 25 years. He felt if the Parish Council took over the responsibility it would be good for the community and people could make representations to the Parish Council. Councillor Tucker also felt it was important to keep the skateboard park going.

  • Councillor Tucker volunteered to undertake weekly inspections and would be responsible for maintenance.

  • The Play Inspection Company carry out an annual inspection which is paid for by the Parish Council.

  • Problems experienced at the skateboard park were rare.

  • Councillor Beaumont asked about the insurance which is in place, as when the skateboard park is locked, users of the park still go over the fence. What would be the liability if injury occurred? Councillor Gething had not seen the insurance documents. It was known that the Village Hall Committee had no objections to the Parish Council taking on the responsibility of running the skateboard park.

  • An active user group would comprise sitting Parish Councillors.

  • The skateboard park would not be owned by the Parish Council but would take on the responsibility for repairs.

  • When the 2021/22 budget is set, an amount to be set aside for maintenance.

  • There was a discussion about locking the park if problems arose and Councillors felt it should not be locked as a punishment, but that the parents receive a visit.

  • Signage. The correct wording and liability to be checked with the Parish Council’s Solicitors, Messrs Slee Blackwell by Councillor Tucker.

  • Councillor Beaumont asked for an understanding regarding the CCTV as there needs to be a protocol for use.

Councillor Mrs Barker to check with North Devon Council’s CCTV team.

  • Councillor Beaumont was concerned about the possibility of drug dealing and was advise that the Police and Child Protection Agency is aware.

  • Councillors were in agreement that the skateboard park should be open. There is currently a notice on Croyde Village Hall door saying it is shut.

  • Councillor Gething will advise the Village Hall Chairman that Councillor Tucker will inspect the skateboard park in the future.

  • Councillor Gething to obtain a copy of Croyde Village Hall Insurance Policy.

  • Councillor Gething will be responsible for the administration side of running the skateboard park.

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