At an extraordinary meeting of North Devon Council on Wednesday evening the 20th of September the District Council agreed to make a recommendation to the Boundary Commission for England as follows:

Morte Hoe and Woolacombe ward reduced to a one councillor ward covering Woolacombe, Morte Hoe, Lincombe Lee and West Down. The proposal then has Georgeham included within a Braunton East ward along with Knowle, and Croyde included within a Braunton West ward.

These changes will not affect the Parish boundary at present but as for the future, who knows what may happen. Effectively we will have district councillor coverage of our parish granted by two Brunton based councillors and that is where I believe their priorities will lie. Also this will effectively split Georgeham Parish in two as far as district councillor cover goes – not a good idea at all in my opinion.

As far as funding and enhancement of Georgeham, Croyde and the outer Parish hamlets goes, we could end up with the short end of the stick for most of the time so to speak. I strongly urge you all as residents of Georgeham Parish to voice your concerns over these proposals and object to them in the strongest possible terms.

You may wish to make representation to the relevant body that will eventually make this decision about all of our futures.

Cut off date for objections and concerns: 2nd October 2017

Address by post to:
Local Government Boundary Commission for England
14 Millbank Tower
London SW1P 4QP

Or Email:

There is also a portal available which submissions can be made via which is:

I urge you all to respond to this request to keep Georgeham Parish safe for the future.

An example template letter/email/portal submission can be found HERE. You can of course copy and paste the content to edit it as you wish.

Discussion can be continued at next weeks monthly Parish Council meeting or you can contact me directly for further information.

John Symonds, Chairman, Georgeham Parish Council


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  • David Morton

    John, Firstly, just to be clear it is a Ward Boundary review that is being proposed at this stage, not the Parish Boundary?

    Can you please clarify what the current ward boundary is and what NDC’s reasons are for proposing a change. Is it simply to reduce the number of Councillors and hence save money?

    It would be helpful if you could post the PC’s formal response to the proposal so people can likewise respond to the consultation with reasoning which hopefully will carry more weight. Thanks.

  • John Symonds

    The boundary commision for England have asked for a review in order to get the representation to 2000 per head of population per councillor , in order to achieve this NDC has to reduce from 43 to 41 councillors. But the Parish boundary review will follow this process in 2018, then the boundary changes will come into effect for the 2019 elections.
    The thrust of objections should be based on the fact that this proposal effectively splits the historic and close knit community of Georgeham parish in two. Not a prospect that we should relish at all. The community of Georgeham parish has 1200 on the electoral roll while Knowle has just 450 and to absorb Knowle into a new ward incorporating Georgeham and Croyde would be by far the best option of the two proposals. thank you for taking the time to read this message. John Symonds Chairman Georgeham Parish Council.

  • David Morton

    In case anyone tries to follow the link to the consulation above it should be as follows:

  • Paul Davis

    I am appalled to hear of the proposed boundary changes to Georgeham parish. The current boundary is a natural one. The proposed boundary is artificial, simply to satisfy arbitrary numbers. Georgeham and Croyde function as a unit with quite specific political and social requirements. To split it in two like this would effectively disenfranchise the population. Their opinions and priorities would have to represented by two councillors, both of whom have larger home populations to consider and their now diminished voices would not be heard.
    The current boundary has served Georgeham and Croyde for the best part of a recorded 1000 years and perhaps more. There is no good reason to change it now.

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