The greatest risk facing a local authority is not being able to deliver the activity or services expected of the Council.

Risk assessment is a systematic general examination of working conditions, workplace activities and environmental factors that will enable the employer to identify any and all potential risks inherent in the place or practices.

Based on a recorded assessment the employer should then take all practical and necessary steps to reduce or eliminate the risks, insofar as is practically possible. Making sure that all employees are made aware of the results of the risk assessment.

This document has been produced to enable the Parish Council to assess the risks that it faces and satisfy itself that it has taken

adequate steps to minimise them. In conducting this exercise, the following plan was followed:

  • Identify the areas to be reviewed.
  • Identify what the risk may be.
  • Evaluate the management and control of the risk and record all findings.
  • Review, assess and revise if required.

The full document can be found here