Another busy twelve months for Georgeham Parish.
A lot of work has been done on our Georgeham Parish Neighbourhood Plan, a very important document which I think should now be getting near to being submitted and therefore becoming an integral part of the emerging deposit plan for North Devon and Torridge . On behalf of the community I pass my gratitude for the work and effort put in by the team and Parish Councillors that have made this happen.

A major project has just been completed in Georgeham which has seen the overground electric supply cables put underground. Not quite finished yet,we have to get a bund wall built to conceal the Sub Station on the entrance to Davids Hill, but the majority of the work and upheaval is now behind us.

Planning always takes a lot of time and discussion at parish meetings and I do not wish to go into ant detail re specific applications over the past twelve months here this evening , but do wish to convey my thanks to Parish Councillors for their patience and diligence when dealing with difficult and larger applications.

Enforcement actions – some seem to drag on for ever, but recently we have seen that our diligence in keeping the matters that do require action on the agenda do pay off in the end.

We continue to strive for funding for Parish projects, the Playing Field Georgeham is an ongoing example of just how difficult it is for rural communities to secure funding for major projects such as our desire to find the funding for a new pavilion for the Playing Field. Also we now have Croyde Play Park looming up as it now in need of being replaced with new play equipment.

In August last year we lost a Parish Councillor, Sam Hood resigned and was subsequently replaced by Anne Benham-Clarke who is now I hope enjoying her role as a Parish Councillor, one of the jobs that Anne took on a few months ago was the overseeing of the creation of a new Parish Council web site, watch this space it wont be long now before the new web site goes live and interactive.

Higher Ham cemetery has had time and effort put into it over the past twelve months ,the new area is now fully mapped out and ready for use, also considerable work has been put into cutting back the boundary hedge and generally getting the cemetery tidy and nice.

Croyde stream has been dredged from Croyde Bridge as for up stream as the end of St Marys road. This project was driven by croyde resident Mr Steve Gibbs , the parish made a financial contribution towards the cost of this. Mr Gibbs is expecting next autumn to continue down stream with the dredging , funding permitting. A good job well done and appreciated by many.

Finally I wish to express my thanks , on behalf of Georgeham Parish to our District Councillors, Pat Barker and Malcombe Wilkinson and to our County Councillor Caroline Chugg for the work and effort that they put in on behalf of us all.

Lastly A word of thanks and gratitude to Sue Squire our clerk who does so much for this Parish Council and puts up with me.

To those whom have put in work and effort on the many community sports and other things that go on in our parish that I have not mentioned, you are not forgotten, you are all appreciated by this Council and this community.

Thank you.

John Symonds.
Chairman, Georgeham Parish Council.

Download and print the report here at your leisure.

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