Georgeham Parish Council – The Last 4 Years.

With the life of the Parish Council, and term of office of Councillors, coming to an end 4 days after the Parish Council Elections on 2 May, a new Council will come into force until 2023.

Some people have never been to a Parish Council meeting, some come occasionally, some when there is a Planning Application they wish to make representations on – for or against, and some attend every meeting.

A Parish Council is the third tier of Local Government and a statutory consultee to the Local Authority, and in Georgeham’s case, North Devon Council, on Planning Applications.

Over the last 4 years, Councillors have considered and commented on 364 Planning Applications.

Although some may think a Parish Council is ineffective, it is a known fact that District Councils value the opinion of a Parish Council, especially for its local knowledge.

Far from being a lot of hot air, unmotivated and outdated, Parish Councils play an important role in the life of a community. That is evident from the number of phone calls and emails I and Councillors receive from parishioners. The Parish Council is the first ‘go to’ place when there is a problem or advice needed.

As I have said in past Annual Parish Meeting Reports, Councillors do a tremendous amount of work voluntarily, much of it unseen, but if it wasn’t done, then it certainly would be noticed.

Looking back over the Minutes for the last four years, this is a snapshot of what the Councillors of Georgeham Parish Council have been involved with for the benefit of the Parish and its parishioners:

Current Projects:

  • New bus shelter at Croyde bridge
  • Refurbishment of Lodge in Georgeham Playing Field
  • Newberry Road pedestrian safety
  • Financial support for Croyde Village Hall’s footpath project
  • Housing Need Survey we are about to deliver to explore options for local affordable
  • Housing options for the Parish

Completed / Ongoing Projects:

  • New play area in Croyde (as well as ‘patching up’ the now removed equipment over the years)
  • Logistics for a new Lodge at Georgeham Playing Field, disposing of the metal shipping containers Paid for materials to create the Crib on the Green
  • New volleyball net
  • New seats in Croyde play park
  • New fence in Croyde play park
  • Ladybird springer at Georgeham Play Park
  • Electric Charging Station in Georgeham car park
  • Defibrillator at Georgeham
  • Handrail at Newberry Hill
  • Speed monitoring system in conjunction with Croyde Area Residents Association
  • Windbreak fence to volleyball court
  • Hedge cutting
  • Provided signage at key locations
  • Skateboard park mesh netting, surface, groundworks and construction of skatepark when the original was no longer useable
  • Arranged for tree surgery in St George’s Churchyard, Cemetery and Croyde Play Park
  • Footpath works
  • Re-tarmaced paths at the Cemetery
  • Litter bins
  • Dog waste bins in new areas, and payment for removal of waste of 14 bins on a weekly basis in the Winter and twice weekly in the Summer
  • Grass cutting of areas previously attended to by DCC
  • Contributed to dredging of the Crydda
  • Security patrols of Croyde Play Park during the Summer months
  • Additional grave spaces (Plots D and E) at Georgeham Cemetery
  • Support for the North Devon Record Office to enable items to be kept in North Devon (since 2016 and ongoing)
  • Annual oiling of benches donated by people to the memory of loved ones
  • Donation to the Primary School to mark its 150 th anniversary for a specific item to be purchased to present to a child each year for the outstanding work they have done
  • Fought hard against the live music events at Croyde View Camping and Sky Bar at Down End being concerned for the safety of those attending the events and the comfort of close neighbours
  • Supported the Neighbourhood Plan and numerous other projects

Georgeham is fortunate to have such a willing, proactive and dedicated group of Councillors who go out of their way to make sure the very best is achieved for the Parish.

Sue Squire
Parish Clerk
March 2019

Information on the Election Process can be viewed here:


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