Show your support for the adoption of the Neighbourhood Plan

Please come along and show your support for the adoption of the Neighbourhood Plan



Tuesday 5 October 2021 at 6.30pm

Venue: Crematorium, Barnstaple

The North Devon District Council will review the Georgeham Parish Neighbourhood Plan to decide whether to accept the Examiner’s Report on the Plan.
This is a significant milestone in the progress of the Plan.

If the Council accepts the examiner’s recommendation that the Plan should be presented at a Public Referendum, arrangements will be made for a public vote to accept or reject the Plan. The Plan will then form part of the legal development Plan for the area.

Once the Council makes the decision to accept the Examiner’s recommendations, the Plan becomes a Material Consideration when planning applications are made. So even before a referendum is held it has some influence on how planning officers decide what is acceptable in the Parish. When members of the public comment on a planning application, reference may be made to the plan policies, to support their comments, in the same way as reference is made to the Local Plan policies.

The neighbourhood plan policies can be found in the executive summary, on pages 3-11 of the latest document. Click HERE or on the image below to open the document. 

The Council Meeting is open to the public who may observe the proceedings. Please come along and show your support.


To look up the latest parish area planning applications please click on the following link to the North Devon Council website:

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  1. Then select ‘Georgeham’ from the Parish dropdown list
  2. Then choose a date range e.g 1st of the previous month from the Date Received From calendar
  3. Then click Search

Screen shot example below:



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