Parish Biodiversity Audit

This document has been produced as a starting point to help community action for wildlife. By starting to bring together knowledge of the natural assets of the parish, it may go some way to achieving its aim of contributing to and stimulating ideas for local action.

It should be emphasised that it is just a beginning. It does not represent a comprehensive account of the parish and is based very largely on existing records held by the Devon Biodiversity Records Centre (DBRC). There will be a wealth of local knowledge that can be used to build upon and improve this report.

Indeed, it is important that it is seen as a ‘living document’ and one that belongs to the parish. It is hoped that it will be added to and refined by the people of Georgeham parish in future years.

Consultation draft – June 2010

Full Audit Document can be found here

Appendix 1 – Map, Notable sites within Georgham Parish

Appendix 1 – Map, Notable species within Georgham Parish

By Anne Harvey

Report commissioned by Devon County Council

Data supplied by the Devon Biodiversity Records Centre