FREE Home Safety Visit from Devon & Somerset Fire and Rescue Service

Is your home protected from fire? You could be eligible for a FREE Home Safety Visit.

Many people across Devon & Somerset are eligible for a FREE Home Safety Visit from Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service.

These visits are offered by Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service as part of a public service to ensure we are doing everything possible to help people live safely in their homes.

Who is eligible for a FREE Home Safety Visit?

  • Anyone aged over 65.
  • Any household with children under the age of 18.
  • Anyone with a disability, mobility issues or sensory loss.
  • Anyone who smokes and lives alone.
  • Anyone with a thatched property.
  • Many other vulnerable people – please get in touch to check your eligibility

What happens during a Home Safety Visit?

Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service will arrange for one of our friendly Home Safety Technicians to visit you in your home. The visit usually takes around 45 minutes, during this time they will identify and assess any risks in the home, provide advice around safer behaviours and provide equipment to reduce any risks.

  • Smoke alarms – do you have one (or more)? Do they work? Can you test them? Our technician will check your alarms for you and if necessary may even supply you with a FREE smoke alarm.
  • We will advise you on safe escape routes and what to do in the event of a fire.
  • We can offer friendly advice to help influence lifestyle changes.
  • We can provide the contact details of other partner agencies who may be able to provide help or assistance.

This is what some other people who have had home safety visits have said:

The technician was very polite, compassionate and very caring. Before the visit I hadn’t slept properly in two months. Last night I slept better and more relaxed due to the way my whole situation was handled. Miss E, Plymouth.

TThe whole experience was excellent. The visit was helpful and most informative. I would recommend to others. Mrs F, South Petherton.

Professional and courteous manner, clear, concise communication and excellent advice given to us. A very worthwhile and reassuring exercise which we would hope everyone would undertake. Thank you Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service. Mr N, Sidmouth.

Perfectly polite and professional! So impressed with the service, I feel so much safer. The technician was lovely, thank you for helping us. Mrs W, Stoke-sub-Hamdon.

Free fire safety equipment

A working smoke alarm is a vital start when it comes to protecting yourself and your home from fire, but there are additional items the Fire Service may be able to offer you. For example, for those who are deaf or hard of hearing, we can provide sensory loss alarms that come with a strobe light and vibrating pad. We can also supply fire retardant bedding, fire retardant throws or blankets, carbon monoxide alarms, alarm testers, run-down timers and winter warm packs.

Booking your FREE Home Safety Visit is very easy, simply call us on 0800 05 02 999

You can also email or text 07800 002476

How to report a highway problem

How to report a highway problem

  1. Go to
  2. Click on ‘Roads and Transport/ button (5th from left on second row of icons)
  3. Scroll down and click on ‘Report a highways problem’
  4. The next page will give various options. In the case of roads, click on pothole, flooding/blocked drains, whatever the problem is.
  5. Scroll down and click on ‘Continue’
  6. If an error message comes up, click the ‘X’ in the box and you will be left with a map of Devon
  7. Drag the map to the area you wish to report. It is possible that an error message will continue to come up and you need to keep clicking the X in the box. Click on the area of road to be reported. It may be necessary for you to click twice on the area.
  8. The next page will give the opportunity of describing the problem. Then click ‘Next’. There will be the opportunity of providing a photograph. If you do not have this, click ‘Next’.
  9. The next page invites you to give your contact details. If you do not wish to give these, click ‘Submit’
  10. The next page will give a reference number and it is suggested you make a note of this to quote if the work has not been done. You will receive an email with the reference number and description of the fault you have reported

The contact details for DCC Highways are: email: or telephone 0845 155 1004.

Georgeham Parish Council Snow Plan

Georgeham Parish Council Snow Plan

The Parish Council has formulated a snow plan in response to requests from Devon County Council. The formulation of the plan has enabled the Parish to acquire increased Salt supplies for this winter.

Additional salt supplies will be available to residents in bags next to salt bins around the parish and in additional locations listed below when the weather forecast indicates.

The salt is available for use on highways and pavements and we would request that it’s utilised for the benefit of the whole community and not used for personal driveways. If you are able, and can help please consider salting areas within your localised part of the community that will benefit others less able, such as pavements.

Salt Bin Locations:
David’s Hill
Rock Hill
Bus stop at village hall
The Manor car park

If any group of residents would like to secure salt for specific areas, or residents have any concerns please feel free to contact:

Rob Tucker 07774 887952 or John Symonds 07791 790727

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Devon and Cornwall Alert


Devon and Cornwall Alert

Devon and Cornwall Alert is a two-way community messaging system operated by Devon and Cornwall Police.

Devon and Cornwall Alert helps us to connect with our communities. it tells you what is happening in your area and allows you to respond directly with information for the police.

Chose what information you receive…

  • Crime
  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Witness appeals
  • Missing person appeals
  • Community events
  • Local good news

When, how and who from…

  • Specify what time of day messages will arrive
  • Email, text or telephone
  • Police, Action Fraud, Crimestoppers, Neighbourhood Watch
  • Free: no contract, cost or obligation
  • Devon, Cornwall and Isles of Scilly

Register online at