Meeting to discuss Croyde Skateboard Park

Notes of an informal meeting of Georgeham Parish Council on Monday, 4 May 2020 held by Zoom at 6pm.

The meeting had been called to discuss Croyde Skateboard Park.


Councillors Mrs Barker (District), Beaumont, Gething, Taffinder, Tucker, Williams.
Notes taken by Mrs S Squire, Parish Clerk.

  • The skateboard park is situated on land owned by Croyde Village Hall Trustees.
  • Croyde Village Hall insures the land and the skateboard park.
  • Two members of Croyde Village Hall Committee have access to the CCTV which is owned and operated by the Village Hall Committee.
  • Councillor Tucker gave the historic details going back 25 years. He felt if the Parish Council took over the responsibility it would be good for the community and people could make representations to the Parish Council.
  • Councillor Tucker also felt it was important to keep the skateboard park going.

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Croyde & Combe Martin Inequality Project

To what extent do the villages of Croyde and Combe Martin, North Devon, experience socio-economic inequality?

A Level Geography NEA – Samuel Shackleton – January 2018

This study examines inequality between two picturesque villages of North Devon, Combe Martin and Croyde. Why do they experience different visitor numbers, crime rates and property prices? What do local residents and tourists think of each place?

They are completely different economically and environmentally. Croyde is a very touristy and expensive place to live, and is famous for its surfing beach, whereas Combe Martin has a tourist trade, but in my experience the dwellings, holiday accommodation, pub food etc are cheaper.

Through examining crime statistics, property prices, economic activity and occupations, second address statistics from the 2011 Census and perceptions of local residents and tourists, this study will show the extent to which there are differences between Combe Martin and Croyde, and begin to explain why these exist and how well they are being corrected.

We will find out that Combe Martin has nearly double the proportion of unemployed of Croyde and Croyde has twice the average house price than Combe Martin; while 50% of homes in Croyde are second addresses. We will also examine the Local Plans of the North Devon and Torridge District Councils, and see what each Parish Council has been doing to serve their village.

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