Love My Beach: Community Litter Picking Putsborough

Community litter picking on Putsborough Beach this winter.

Beach Clean!

Join us on the beach for a bit of fresh air and litter picking!
Escape from the family for a few hours or bring them along to search for plastic (and beachcombe for treasure!).
Free Parking and Beach Cleaners discount available from the cafe.

Saturday 20th January – Putsborough Beach
2pm – 3:30pm

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OR join the ‘Croyde Comunity Beach Cleaning Group‘ on Facebook

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Devon and Cornwall Alert


Devon and Cornwall Alert

Devon and Cornwall Alert is a two-way community messaging system operated by Devon and Cornwall Police.

Devon and Cornwall Alert helps us to connect with our communities. it tells you what is happening in your area and allows you to respond directly with information for the police.

Chose what information you receive…

  • Crime
  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Witness appeals
  • Missing person appeals
  • Community events
  • Local good news

When, how and who from…

  • Specify what time of day messages will arrive
  • Email, text or telephone
  • Police, Action Fraud, Crimestoppers, Neighbourhood Watch
  • Free: no contract, cost or obligation
  • Devon, Cornwall and Isles of Scilly

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Love My Beach: Community Litter Picking

Community litter picking around Croyde this winter.

Christmas Clean up!

Join us on the beach for a bit of fresh air and litter picking!
Escape from the family for a few hours or bring them along to search for plastic (and beachcombe for treasure!).
Meet on the main slipway/beach road.
Free Parking available in Ruda’s beach car park and hot drinks provided for all volunteers.

Wednesday 27th December – Croyde Beach
2pm – 3:30pm (meet by the beach loos)

Contact for more information

OR join the ‘Croyde Comunity Beach Cleaning Group‘ on Facebook

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Devon & Cornwall Police Dec 2017 Newsletter

Driving this Christmas? Steering completely clear of alcohol is the safest option for everyone.

Throughout December Devon and Cornwall Police will be making sure that the region’s roads are a safe place for everyone.

Any drivers involved in a collision and any motorists whose driving may lead police to suspect they are under the influence of alcohol will be breathalyzed. If drug driving is suspected, drivers may have to undergo a roadside sobriety test.

Roads Policing Inspector Richard McLellan emphasized that being under the limit does not necessarily mean that a driver’s judgement and abilities are not impaired. He said

Police can still arrest a driver for driving whilst impaired if an officer suspects they are unfit through drink or drugs, even where the breath samples provided back at the police station are found to be under the legal limit. They may still be charged and convicted of an offence.

Your judgement may still be impaired the morning after a night out too, so our message is clear and simple, don’t drink and drive, it is simply not worth it.

Police are also emphasising that the effects of a collision caused by driving with impaired judgement due to drink or drugs extend much further than initial damage, injury or fatalities.

If you drink and drive you risk significant consequences, not just increasing your chance of causing serious injury or a death through a collision but consequences in trying to carry on with a normal life.

The penalties when caught have far-reaching implications on any driver’s life financially, emotionally, psychologically and on their family and friends.

The punishments for drink driving are severe, not only from what a court may pass as a sentence, but the ongoing consequential effects. If convicted of drink driving you will have a criminal record, lose your licence, you could spend time in prison and receive a hefty fine.

Preventing death or injury is as simple as pre booking a taxi back from a party or having an alcohol free.

During the busy run up to Christmas and the intensive shopping period, Devon and Cornwall Police are advising people to keep their Christmas purchases safe.

People are advised to protect their Christmas purchases by storing them in a safe, secure and private location that is not visible from outside, so burglars aren’t tempted to steal them.

Christmas is a great time of year for thieves and burglars. They know that there will be high-value goods in homes and in cars and will look out for any opportunity to capitalise on this.

People can take precautions to avoid having their new goods stolen by following police advice. We want everyone to have a safe and happy Christmas and prevent and avoid upsetting Christmas burglaries.

Here are some top tips to help prevent your home from being burgled:

  1. Keep gifts out of sight
  2. Keep all windows and doors closed and locked
  3. Don’t leave keys in locks especially near letterboxes or cat flaps

Crimes reported November 2017

Croyde and Georgeham: 1 x crime – Common assault
Ashford: 1 x crimes – Common assault Ashford. 1 x crime – Malicious communications act,
Marwood: 5 crimes – 1 x crime – Fail to stop after road accident.

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It is a new service that combines the questions that members of the public have asked with contact details of those that can help. Ask NED includes the Ask the Police database and common questions asked of our partner organisations.


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Cold Weather Notice

School closures due to cold weather

With more cold weather expected this week parents are urged to sign up to our school closure email alert.

Once registered you will receive an email if the school has been closed due to winter weather.

To sign up click here, then enter your preferred email address and then click on the drop down, ticking the schools you want information on, then submit.

The service is just one way Devon County Council is keeping the public up to date this winter.

Winter travel

Winter service is an important part of our maintenance work and almost £5 million is spent each year on roads affected by winter weather. This involves salting major roads when there is a risk of ice, clearing snow and reacting to floods and fallen trees.

The Council’s contractor, Skanska has a workforce based at strategic locations to provide an effective response to any problems that may occur.

Despite our efforts, winter weather can still make roads treacherous. With over 90% of all crashes attributed to human error the real key to driving in winter is to drive with due care for the conditions. Never assume a road has been salted.

More information can be found in Travelling in Winter.

To find the latest information and travel advice from Devon County Council click here. For updates on Twitter follow @DevonAlert.

The recycle Devon thank you awards

The Recycle Devon Thank you awards are a chance to nominate Devon’s recycling heroes. Parish residents and communities are being called on to nominate their unsung recycling heroes, whose efforts have helped the county remain one of the greenest in the UK.

The Fifth Recycle Devon Thank You Awards will be held on 16 March 2018. Nominations for the eight categories, including those for schools, businesses, and community groups, can be submitted on the Recycle Devon website from 1 November 2017 to 1 December 2017.

The Thank You Awards are organised by the Recycle Devon team, and were first launched to recognise those people who do that bit extra to help ensure Devon remains clean and green.

At last count 55.7 per cent of the total rubbish collected or taken to recycling centres in Devon that could otherwise have been disposed of, was recycled.

There will be a public vote after shortlisting to nominate ‘Your Overall Recycling Hero’, which will be featured on the Recycle Devon Website. There will be prizes and recognition for all shortlisted nominees.

Do you know someone who makes a real effort to reduce, reuse and recycle? Perhaps a neighbour, friend, someone from a community group, or even a member of your local collection crew or staff from your local recycling centre.

It could also be a local school or college student, teacher, helper or member of the support staff. Please get in touch. If you would like to nominate someone, please fill in the quick nomination form at: – they deserve it!

Chairman of the DASWC, Devon Authorities Strategic Waste Committee, Councillor Duncan Wood said: “The committee wants to recognise those who have gone beyond the call of duty or perhaps have even come up with new and innovative ways to reduce waste or reuse and repair unwanted items.”

Liz Jarvis, Senior Waste Manager at Devon County Council, said: “Last time we had over 60 nominations and we’re hoping to receive even more this year. It’s such a pleasure to hear about the amazing, inspiring people in Devon and all the hard work they do.”

The categories are:

  • Your Recycling Hero – this could be a friend, family member, neighbour or local champion
  • School Recycling Hero – three categories – child or adult as well as class/group
  • Community Group recycling hero
  • Collection Crew/Operative – recycling, garden, food, or refuse collector
  • Recycling Centre Operative staff
  • Small Business Champion

Nominations need to be in by 1st December. There will be an awards ceremony for all the shortlisted nominations in March which will be hosted by Heart Breakfast Radio DJ’s, Matt and Vic.

For further information or to nominate, please see the website, or post your entry to:
The Recycle Devon Team,
c/o Devon County Council,
Waste Management,
County Hall,

Resources to help spread the word:

Recycle Devon is a countywide waste communications campaign which represents a partnership of 10 authorities across Devon including Devon County Council, 8 District Authorities and Torbay Council.

For more information: Visit
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David Beasley – Devon County Council – 01392 382558 –

Devon & Cornwall Police Oct 2017 Newsletter

Welcome to Braunton Rural Police’s monthly newsletter.

Devon and Cornwall Police want to ensure that Halloween is a happy and safe time for everyone.

If you are going trick or treating this Halloween we want you to have fun and be safe but remember not everyone wants to call at their home.

The ‘Sorry, No Trick, No Treat, No Thanks’ campaign encourages members of the public who do not want to be bothered by trick or treaters to download and print this poster and place it in the front door or window of their homes. In recent years we’ve seen an increase in the number of people participating in Halloween fun.

‘We’d say to anyone who’s going trick or treating to think about other people, particularly the elderly and vulnerable as they may get worried if strangers are continually calling at the door during the evening. We don’t want to discourage anyone or spoil anyone’s fun but we’d ask people not to call at homes displaying this poster.’

You can download the poster from

To have fun and safe Halloween follow these top tips:

  1. Always be accompanied by an adult when you are trick or treating
  2. Only go to houses of people you know and who are happy for you to call
  3. Stay safe, keep to places that you know and are well lit
  4. Carry a torch and a fully charged mobile phone
  5. Watch out for traffic — drivers might not see you.

Have fun but stay safe this Bonfire Night

Devon and Cornwall Police and Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue receive reports and are called out to deal with children and adults being injured by fireworks.
Each year children and adults are injured as a result of fireworks and sparklers. Sparklers can reach temperatures 15 times hotter than that of boiling water and 5 times hotter than cooking oil. Anyone deciding to handle sparklers should do so with extreme care.

Crimes reported September 2017

Croyde and Georgeham: 11 crimes
Ashford: 0 crimes
Marwood: 5 crimes

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Harmful & Noxious Weeds Awareness

Dr Eirene Williams CEnv FCIEEM(Rtd) of Croyde has advised residents of the parish to be more aware of harmful & noxious weeds and plants that present a threat the area and/or become very hard to control.

It’s the ones growing on your land that you need to keep an eye on. While it is not an offence to allow the following ten “harmful weeds” and “invasive non-native plants” to grow on your land, it is necessary to prevent them spreading on to other people’s property or into the wild. Failure to control these species spreading from your land can result in a fine or prosecution.

The full notice with advice on how to deal with them can be found Here

These are the troublemakers:

  1. Common Ragwort Senecio jacobaea
  2. Creeping Thistle Cirsium arvense
  3. Spear Thistle Cirsium vulgare
  4. Broad–leaved Dock Rumex obtusifolius
  5. Curled Dock Rumex crispus
  6. Japanese Knotweed Fallopia japonica
  7. Himalayan Balsam
  8. Rhododendron ponticum
  9. Giant Hogweed Heracleum mantegazzianum
  10. New Zealand Pigmyweed Crassula helmsi

Parish Boundary Review

At an extraordinary meeting of North Devon Council on Wednesday evening the 20th of September the District Council agreed to make a recommendation to the Boundary Commission for England as follows:

Morte Hoe and Woolacombe ward reduced to a one councillor ward covering Woolacombe, Morte Hoe, Lincombe Lee and West Down. The proposal then has Georgeham included within a Braunton East ward along with Knowle, and Croyde included within a Braunton West ward.

These changes will not affect the Parish boundary at present but as for the future, who knows what may happen. Effectively we will have district councillor coverage of our parish granted by two Brunton based councillors and that is where I believe their priorities will lie. Also this will effectively split Georgeham Parish in two as far as district councillor cover goes – not a good idea at all in my opinion.

As far as funding and enhancement of Georgeham, Croyde and the outer Parish hamlets goes, we could end up with the short end of the stick for most of the time so to speak. I strongly urge you all as residents of Georgeham Parish to voice your concerns over these proposals and object to them in the strongest possible terms.

You may wish to make representation to the relevant body that will eventually make this decision about all of our futures.

Cut off date for objections and concerns: 2nd October 2017

Address by post to:
Local Government Boundary Commission for England
14 Millbank Tower
London SW1P 4QP

Or Email:

There is also a portal available which submissions can be made via which is:

I urge you all to respond to this request to keep Georgeham Parish safe for the future.

An example template letter/email/portal submission can be found HERE. You can of course copy and paste the content to edit it as you wish.

Discussion can be continued at next weeks monthly Parish Council meeting or you can contact me directly for further information.

John Symonds, Chairman, Georgeham Parish Council


Combe Martin & Croyde Perception Survey

As part of his A-Level Geography fieldwork investigation, Samuel Shackleton of Queen Mary’s Grammar School is comparing Croyde and Combe Martin by looking at socio-economic differences between the two villages and surrounding areas.

He has kindly requested residents of Croyde take part in his survey via the link below which only takes a few minutes to complete:

If you have any further feedback that might help his research please also contact him via his email: