Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed Fallopia japonica is perennial and spreads through underground stems (rhizomes) and can regrow from small fragments even though it does not set seed. It is very invasive. Digging out is possible, but as rhizomes grow deeply, regrowth usually occurs which needs destroying. This method also creates problems over disposal as Japanese knotweed is classed as ‘controlled waste’ under the Environmental Protection Act 1990. This requires disposal at licensed landfill sites. Alternatively, it can be destroyed on site by cutting or digging it repeatedly and burning it when dry. In this way the energy reserves in the remaining underground parts will be gradually exhausted; a process which may, however, take several seasons. Similarly treatment with herbicides will require several repeated applications. On no account should Japanese knotweed be included with normal household waste or put out in green waste collection schemes.

Read the full notice here on the 9 other noxious plants to be aware of

Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service: Have Your Say

Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service really want to hear what you have to say about the proposed service options, so please use this opportunity to engage with them and have your views heard.

Please review the consultation document which provides more information about the proposed changes / options to the service.

Then please complete the questionnaire. The online consultation will be live until 22 September 2019.

Housing Needs Public Meeting

Georgeham Parish Housing Needs Survey Results
& Community Land Trust


Date: Thursday 4 th July 2019
Time: 7 pm
Venue: St Mary’s Church, Croyde EX33 1PF

This affects you and the future of your Community

  • Come and find out about the results of the housing needs survey and more about how a CLT could be set up in our parish
  • Community Land Trusts help prevent the decline of thriving communities
  • Hear a presentation from the Wessex CLT Project, an advice service supporting over 50 CLTs in the South Wes


View Leaflet
View Full Report Here
View Appraisal Report Here

Go North Devon: Ring & Ride Service

GO NORTH DEVON runs a Ring & Ride service for people with mobility problems, disabilities or those who are isolated in the community without transport.

The minibus has a tail lift and is wheelchair accessible.
It offers a weekly door to door service from your home to Barnstaple Town Centre or one of the Barnstaple supermarkets every Monday for £6.20 return.

They also run:

  • Out & About Trips
  • Shopmobility Service
  • Cancer Care Car to get you to your Cancer related hospital appointments

Call 01271 328866 or go to www.gonorthdevon.co.uk for more details and book your seat.

Or visit:
The Shopmobility Centre
Albert Lane
EX32 8RL


Go North Devon relies on the generosity of those who value our services either as users, friends and relatives of users or those who just know and value all we do to help those who are disabled, isolated and lonely to have opportunities to have a better quality of life.
Please click here should you wish to donate.


Volunteering with Go North Devon is not just driving… although they do need volunteers with D1 on their licence to drive our minibus. There are many skills, which are needed including passenger/wheelchair escorts, sighted guides and friends to join our Friends of Go North Devon Fundraising Group, Shopmobility receptionists and management board members.
Please click here should you wish to find out about how to volunteer.

For much more about Go North Devon visit their website: www.gonorthdevon.co.uk

Download Ring and Ride Poster Here

Annual Parish Assembly 2019


  1. Apologies.
  2. Approval of the Minutes of the last Annual Parish Assembly held on 17/4/18.
  3. Matters Arising from the Minutes of the last Annual Parish Meeting.
  4. Items raised by the public.
  5. Presentation of Reports:
  • Police
  • County Councillor Mrs C Chugg
  • District Councillor Mrs P Barker
  • District Councillor M Wilkinson
  • Councillor J Symonds – Georgeham Parish Council
  • Georgeham Church of England Primary School Governing Body
  • Georgeham Church of England Primary School incorporating Stepping Stones Playgroup
  • Councillor M Harrison – Footpath Warden
  • Councillor R Tucker – Georgeham Relief in Need
  • Councillors Mrs V Meek – Neighbourhood Plan
  • Councillor Mrs T Luxton – Affordable Housing
  • Mrs S Hood – Community Lunches
  • Rose Roberts, Ruda Ranger
  • Mr P Watkins – Croyde Village Hall
  • Mr R Windsor – Croyde Surf Lifesaving Club
  • Miss I Jones – Georgeham Village Hall
  • Mrs J Doweswell – Georgeham Women’s Institute
  • Rev M Newbon – St George’s & St Mary’s Churches
  • Rev D Matthews – Croyde Baptist Church
  • Mrs A Bennett or Chairman – Croyde Area Residents Association
  • Mrs D Austen – Croyde Volleyball Club
  • Mr J Fairhurst – National Trust
  • Financial Report presented by the Clerk

Sue Squire, Parish Clerk
April 2019
01598 710526


2019 APA Agenda

Notice of Election: Election of Parish Councillors

Georgeham Parish Council – The Last 4 Years.

With the life of the Parish Council, and term of office of Councillors, coming to an end 4 days after the Parish Council Elections on 2 May, a new Council will come into force until 2023.

Some people have never been to a Parish Council meeting, some come occasionally, some when there is a Planning Application they wish to make representations on – for or against, and some attend every meeting.

A Parish Council is the third tier of Local Government and a statutory consultee to the Local Authority, and in Georgeham’s case, North Devon Council, on Planning Applications.

Over the last 4 years, Councillors have considered and commented on 364 Planning Applications.

Although some may think a Parish Council is ineffective, it is a known fact that District Councils value the opinion of a Parish Council, especially for its local knowledge.

Far from being a lot of hot air, unmotivated and outdated, Parish Councils play an important role in the life of a community. That is evident from the number of phone calls and emails I and Councillors receive from parishioners. The Parish Council is the first ‘go to’ place when there is a problem or advice needed.

As I have said in past Annual Parish Meeting Reports, Councillors do a tremendous amount of work voluntarily, much of it unseen, but if it wasn’t done, then it certainly would be noticed.

Looking back over the Minutes for the last four years, this is a snapshot of what the Councillors of Georgeham Parish Council have been involved with for the benefit of the Parish and its parishioners:

Current Projects:

  • New bus shelter at Croyde bridge
  • Refurbishment of Lodge in Georgeham Playing Field
  • Newberry Road pedestrian safety
  • Financial support for Croyde Village Hall’s footpath project
  • Housing Need Survey we are about to deliver to explore options for local affordable
  • Housing options for the Parish

Completed / Ongoing Projects:

  • New play area in Croyde (as well as ‘patching up’ the now removed equipment over the years)
  • Logistics for a new Lodge at Georgeham Playing Field, disposing of the metal shipping containers Paid for materials to create the Crib on the Green
  • New volleyball net
  • New seats in Croyde play park
  • New fence in Croyde play park
  • Ladybird springer at Georgeham Play Park
  • Electric Charging Station in Georgeham car park
  • Defibrillator at Georgeham
  • Handrail at Newberry Hill
  • Speed monitoring system in conjunction with Croyde Area Residents Association
  • Windbreak fence to volleyball court
  • Hedge cutting
  • Provided signage at key locations
  • Skateboard park mesh netting, surface, groundworks and construction of skatepark when the original was no longer useable
  • Arranged for tree surgery in St George’s Churchyard, Cemetery and Croyde Play Park
  • Footpath works
  • Re-tarmaced paths at the Cemetery
  • Litter bins
  • Dog waste bins in new areas, and payment for removal of waste of 14 bins on a weekly basis in the Winter and twice weekly in the Summer
  • Grass cutting of areas previously attended to by DCC
  • Contributed to dredging of the Crydda
  • Security patrols of Croyde Play Park during the Summer months
  • Additional grave spaces (Plots D and E) at Georgeham Cemetery
  • Support for the North Devon Record Office to enable items to be kept in North Devon (since 2016 and ongoing)
  • Annual oiling of benches donated by people to the memory of loved ones
  • Donation to the Primary School to mark its 150 th anniversary for a specific item to be purchased to present to a child each year for the outstanding work they have done
  • Fought hard against the live music events at Croyde View Camping and Sky Bar at Down End being concerned for the safety of those attending the events and the comfort of close neighbours
  • Supported the Neighbourhood Plan and numerous other projects

Georgeham is fortunate to have such a willing, proactive and dedicated group of Councillors who go out of their way to make sure the very best is achieved for the Parish.

Sue Squire
Parish Clerk
March 2019

Information on the Election Process can be viewed here:


Parish Housing Needs Survey – Coming soon.

Are there people in Georgeham Parish unable to rent or buy a home?
Have people had to move away from the parish to find an affordable home?

The Parish Council needs to update the information on housing need in Georgeham Parish as well as canvassing the opinions of local residents.

The best way to identify the exact requirements is to carry out a Parish Housing Needs Survey.

In Georgeham Parish we will soon be posting a survey form to every home in the parish.

It is really important that as many households as possible complete and return the form so that the Parish Council can be given as comprehensive picture as possible of housing need. The figures obtained will help them to plan for the future and ensure that the correct number and size of homes are built in the parish for local people.

The survey is being administered by the Rural Housing Enabler at Devon Communities Together, which is an independent organisation. They will process the information and all personal details will remain confidential. No individual will be able to be identified from the survey report.

If you know someone who has moved from Georgeham Parish because they cannot afford accommodation then they can also complete the form. Extra forms can be obtained from Janice Alexander at Devon Communities Together on 01392 248919 Ext 7122 or email janice@devoncommunities.org.uk Anyone needing any help with the form should also contact Janice for assistance.

If you believe you are in need of affordable housing, you should register with Devon Home Choice at www.devonhomechoice.com

Drop-in Event

Georgeham Parish Council would like to invite local people who need affordable housing to come and discuss their requirements with the local Rural Housing Enabler. A representative from Devon Home Choice will also be present to explain the registration process for affordable housing.

Date 16th April 2019
Croyde Village Hall: Time 10:00am – 2.00pm
Georgeham Village Hall: Time 2:30pm —7:00pm

Drop-in event poster.pdf – Download


HousingSurveyPoster.pdf – Download

Extra Info: Newberry Road Pedestrian Access Improvement Scheme

We hope the attached documents will provide parishioners with sufficient information on Newberry Road Pedestrian Access Improvement Scheme. We have supplied more detailed sketches, photos, and a topographical survey for anybody interested.

Click to Download:

Newberry Road Footpath Improvements_Proposals 2.2 and 3_With extended layby.pdf
Newberry Road Pedestrian Improvement Scheme_Pre-application Planning Enquiry.pdf

Neighbourhood Plan Progress Report February 2019

Georgeham Parish Council
Lead Officer: Verlie Meek

Three members of the Steering Group have continued to meet approximately monthly, drawing on contributions from members of the Group, and the Parish Council (Councillor Tina Luxton concerning Housing, and Councillor Mike Harrison concerning Maps), and on the expertise of Dr Eirene Williams (Landscape). There has been ongoing consultation with Elizabeth Dee from North Devon District Planning Office.

In November 2018, the Draft Plan was distributed for a Pre-Submission Consultation. This is a formal 6-week process during which a wide range of Consultees are invited to comment on the draft plan. The Consultees not only include residents of the Parish, but many other bodies, both local and national, ranging from The National Trust, The Marine Conservation Organisation, Telecom Companies and neighbouring Parish Councils, as well as interested local organisations such as businesses and community groups.

At the time of writing the Georgeham Plan, the North Devon and Torridge Local Plan was not formally adopted; and North Devon District Council had not yet provided detailed guidance on how to approach Neighbourhood Planning in a small rural parish such as ours.

As a result of the Consultation process, we received valuable feedback, and have begun to implement some amendments to the plan. We needed to produce map references to highlight significant views in the parish and reference the text more closely with the Appendices.
As a result of the feedback we received, we have restructured the document to provide greater clarity and vision, without losing the content to which so many people have contributed.

We are required to produce a Consultation Statement detailing how people and organisations have contributed to the Plan, and how issues and concerns have been considered and addressed. Finally, before the formal submission of the document we must produce a ‘Basic
Conditions’ Statement to show how the Plan conforms to National Planning Policy, how it contributes to achieving sustainable development; how it conforms with strategic policies in the Local Development Plan, and how it is compatible with EU obligations, including human rights requirements.

We intend to complete this work before seeking further advice from Elizabeth Dee. Depending on her advice, we hope to be ready to submit the Plan to The inspector at Easter

Download Doc Here

View Past Posts Here

Proposed Newberry Road Pedestrian Access Improvement Scheme Report

Report on Public Consultation

A Public Consultation was carried out during November 2018 [see Nov article here] into proposals to improve pedestrian access along Newberry Road between the junction with Longland Lane and the steps to the village car park.

The improvements are in four sections and people were asked to express their support or opposition to the proposals for each section.
In addition, people were asked four questions about themselves: whether they currently walk down Newberry Road, whether they have impaired mobility, how many children they represent and which of the new footpaths they would use.

Respondents were invited to add further comments.

Click here to see the report