Georgeham Parish Council
Lead Officer: Verlie Meek

Three members of the Steering Group have continued to meet approximately monthly, drawing on contributions from members of the Group, and the Parish Council (Councillor Tina Luxton concerning Housing, and Councillor Mike Harrison concerning Maps), and on the expertise of Dr Eirene Williams (Landscape). There has been ongoing consultation with Elizabeth Dee from North Devon District Planning Office.

In November 2018, the Draft Plan was distributed for a Pre-Submission Consultation. This is a formal 6-week process during which a wide range of Consultees are invited to comment on the draft plan. The Consultees not only include residents of the Parish, but many other bodies, both local and national, ranging from The National Trust, The Marine Conservation Organisation, Telecom Companies and neighbouring Parish Councils, as well as interested local organisations such as businesses and community groups.

At the time of writing the Georgeham Plan, the North Devon and Torridge Local Plan was not formally adopted; and North Devon District Council had not yet provided detailed guidance on how to approach Neighbourhood Planning in a small rural parish such as ours.

As a result of the Consultation process, we received valuable feedback, and have begun to implement some amendments to the plan. We needed to produce map references to highlight significant views in the parish and reference the text more closely with the Appendices.
As a result of the feedback we received, we have restructured the document to provide greater clarity and vision, without losing the content to which so many people have contributed.

We are required to produce a Consultation Statement detailing how people and organisations have contributed to the Plan, and how issues and concerns have been considered and addressed. Finally, before the formal submission of the document we must produce a ‘Basic
Conditions’ Statement to show how the Plan conforms to National Planning Policy, how it contributes to achieving sustainable development; how it conforms with strategic policies in the Local Development Plan, and how it is compatible with EU obligations, including human rights requirements.

We intend to complete this work before seeking further advice from Elizabeth Dee. Depending on her advice, we hope to be ready to submit the Plan to The inspector at Easter

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